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Proven in one of the world’s largest, most complex and successful supply chains, with global lines of business, integrating hundreds of partners and thousands of users, yet affordable for $25mm to $B revenue companies.
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Value Chain Resource Planning™ (VCRP™) enables companies to synchronize their end-to-end value chains to maximize business performance. Brand Owners can Visualize, Plan and Collaboratively Manage entire value chains across multiple tiers of partners on the Supply side, Demand side, End-to-End or across disparate systems within an enterprise.

Vecco’s VCRP™ software cost-effectively plans and manages the supply chain for small and mid-sized manufacturers, yet has the proven power to service the world’s largest supply chains. The software makes it possible for clients to orchestrate their key worldwide supplier, manufacturer, logistics, customer, and distribution partners as if they were all “one integrated enterprise” collaboratively responding in real-time to maximize overall performance. Vecco’s software complements and easily integrates with existing ERP and other systems to create a synchronized value chain resource planning and response management solution.

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Vecco provides a SaaS solution addressing THE major challenge faced by manufacturers in today’s globalized business environment — lack of visibility and collaboration to manage complex, multi-tier supply and distribution chains.

VCRP™ enables companies to intelligently respond to the constant change in supply, demand, products and partners. Improve order fill rates, increase inventory turns, lower execution costs and manage supply chain event risk. Vecco is the first solution providing true end-to-end multi-tier visibility, real-time planning, collaboration, analytics and transaction execution all in one user configurable SaaS platform. Vecco VCRP™ is configured, not coded, without requiring changes to existing multiple systems of record and is scalable, empowering clients to solve specific pain points or address enterprise level challenges.

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