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Proven in one of the world's largest, most complex and successful supply chains, handling multiple global lines of business and integrating hundreds of partners and thousands of users.
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Vecco helps companies dramatically increase business performance and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Vecco acts as a "Command and Control Tower" providing multi-tier visibility, partner collaboration and real-time execution and analytics to orchestrate and effectively manage today's complex business goods and service value chains.

Supply Chain Expert In his opinion piece "Change the Game!" Jonathan Kall, Vecco CEO, talks about the new global economy and its impact on competition.
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Vecco International Solutions
The Vecco Control Tower platform solves real sales and operations problems through its integrated set of inbound, outbound, logistics, planning and forecasting applications with real-time information visibility into n-tiers of suppliers, customers and partners. Custom value chains are segmented and uniquely managed by configuring Vecco's extensive pre-built applications and collaboration tools. The SaaS solution leverages existing ERP and business IT systems - no replacement required. Custom logic is configured, not hard coded, allowing fast on-boarding and rapid response to changing business requirements.
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Vecco arrows Benefits
  • Shorter Innovation and Fulfillment Cycles
  • Lower Risk from Demand and Supply Volatility
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities
  • Lower Cost to Serve with increased Perfect Orders
  • Sustainable Profitable Growth
  • Time-Based Competitive Advantage
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